Older Work

Tactile Cave (2010)

The very first game I ever made, kicking off my professional adventure. Tactile Cave is a puzzlish-maze game built in Processing. Collect the light-rays to escape a dark cave.

Y.A.Z.G. – Yet Another Zombie Game (2012)

An asymmetrical, score-attack type arcade shooter. My second game, developed and released commercially by my former team Subtle Stone.

Dark Deception Prototype (2012)

A prototype for a narrative RPG with diverse features ranging from crafting, to combat, to mining. My third game developed by my former team, Subtle Stone, and the last before we disbanded.

Empires! (2012)

A minimalistic strategy card-game where players build civilizations through exploration and conquest.


An introspective rhythm game where players explore a lonely world in search for their lost heart. Developed in 48 hours at the 2013 Global Game Jam. [designer]


A pervasive, environmental, alternate-reality game designed to foster creativity and collaboration within the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

GLITCH.fire (2013)

A twitch-action platformer

Analog Game Sprints (2013)

A series of four nondigital games developed in a number of three-week sprints covering a diverse range of themes, mechanics, and aesthetics. [designer]

The Maestros (2014) 


Community management for an online multiplayer action-strategy game developed in the Advanced Games program at USC.

The Observatory (2014) 

An open-world, environmental-storytelling game based on atypical narrative structure set on a post human island. Logan Ver Hoef’s Master’s Thesis project, [playtest coordinator]

The Pilgrim (2014)

An introspective,` intentionally-frustrating platformer about purpose and destiny. [designer]

Chambara (2014) 


 Vanishing Point (2015)