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Indiegogo for my next project: Chambara!

Hey guys, Some of you might know that I’m running a team for the 2014 Dare to be Digital competition, a nine-week international game design competition in Scotland. My team, Overly Kinetic, is comprised of the fantastic Esteban Fajardo, Catherine Fox, Alec Faulkner, and Tommy Hoffman, and our game is Chambara, a multiplayer first-person stealth-action game with too many adjectives in […]

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Recent Shenanigans

It’s been forever since I last updated this blog. I’ve had plans to do some in-depth articles, specifically an in-depth analysis of the Metal Gear Solid series and a personal essay about my story and how I ended up doing games, but life has the tendency of getting in the way of unrewarded stuff that I really want […]


Why Everyone Should Participate in the Global Game Jam

The sixth 48-hour Global Game Jam starts January 24th, and I can’t be more excited for it. I treasure the memories of the panic and the productivity, the initial minutes of confusion as we stumbled around trying to come up with an idea around the theme, and the exciting escalation as the mist cleared and […]

Killer Queen

2013: Gaming Year in Review

This is the annual post where I basically go through all the notable and interesting games I played this year, wax poetic about them, and create new forms of hyperbole to describe my personal games of the year. Last year’s post can be found here, and previous year’s posts can be found on my high […]

Four Analog Game Sprints

All of these games were designed by either myself or a small team of co-designers over a series of three-week sprints. Click to download printable game files. GREAT ESCAPE Codesigned with Max Cohen, Aamod Walavalkar, and Sarah Jennisca.  A four-player, asymmetrical stealth/strategy game. Three players cooperate to gather needed equipment to make a daring escape from […]


My Favorite Games of the 7th Generation (Part 2)

After accidentally deleting all my notes and getting really frustrated, I finally completed part 2 of my personal favorite games of the 7th Console Generation, the first of which you can read here. Sparing the need for a lengthy introduction, let’s get right to it. 6. Okami Okami holds the dubious honor of being the worst-selling recipient […]