Games Writers

Everyone suffers when we hurt people. Tonight, great number of games writers decided to leave games writing tonight due to constant threats of violence and abuse online. Folks accuse them of “corruption” by having either close relationships with indie developers or having an invested interest in politics and social justice.  Look, there’s no such thing as an […]

Videogames, Misogyny, and Terrorism

LINK Posting with minimal comment. This last week has been awful for games. The violence and abuse directed towards game developers and critics, many of whom I know personally, who do not sacrifice their voice or identity is appalling. To me, the notion that years of work and hundreds of little and big sacrifices in […]


Tactile Cave: My First Game

This month marks my fourth year making games. This was my very first game, Tactile Cave, which was made four years ago this summer. In San Francisco, there is a children’s science museum named the “Exploratorium” in the Palace of Fine Arts. Within, there is an attraction named the “Tactile Dome”, which is an indoor […]


Chambara Developer Diary #3

We’re closing out on Week 7, and I’m somewhat comfortable calling what we have here as “Alpha”. Next week will be the last week we have to finish the game, then its on to exhibition at the Protoplay Festival. The result of our presentation there will determine whether or not we will be nominated for […]


Chambara Dev Diary #2 – Let’s talk a little bit about values.

Our game is a fighting game, where the conflict is violent and resolved by the elimination of the other. Thus, we start off with some uncomfortable themes such as the resolution of interpersonal conflict through fighting, redemptive violence, and the need to “right” the world by killing the human beings which make it “wrong”.

I don’t think those values are representative of what I believe.